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I’m from New England, but after four years completing my undergraduate degree in New York City, I moved to Scotland for a change of scenery and my Master's in Marketing at the University of St Andrews. I've proudly earned a Distinction in both my overall degree and my dissertation on behavioral economics and ethical consumption. In 2019, I graduated with Honors from the Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons School for Design, with a minor in Creative Coding. 

My interests are in marketing, branding and creative strategy, building a powerful and unique bridge between a brand and a consumer. While most products and services can be replicated, it is much more challenging to replicate loyalty and resonance among consumers. I hope to spend my career in that domain between brands to individuals. 
While at Parsons, I committed to learning both in and out of the classroom, taking on six internship positions (half at Fortune 500 companies) during my four year degree. Having obtained my Master's degree, I am now working on a freelance basis and looking for full-time opportunities in the UK and US.

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